I can't stand her anymore?

Ok so this isn't a post about a break-up, but rather a break-up between me and my friend. I could have made a move and probably dated her, but I blew that chance long ago.

The reason I put this in this section, is because I'm hoping for better results. Since this feels like a breakup to me. I've been in love with this girl for a while, we did everything together and acted flirty and stuff, so I got attached. Now that I'm finally done with being friendzoned and basically decided to say fuck her.

Now everything she does pisses me off, if I went to my friends house (we share a group of friends) and she was there, I'd probably be pissed off and act petty tbh. Except I don't want to be known as that. She posts some things on fb that piss me off, and I really want to make a smartass remark but I don't want to look petty, but its SO hard not to. Sometimes I just wanna make a subpost about her, but still it would make me look Petty. I usually type it out and just delete it, and end up pissed off.

I honestly just want to be done with her, completely. But I just want to do these things to piss her off, or else I get pissed off. I know the best thing is to just delete her. But I want to have another girl in my life before I do that, but I am very different with girls. I never like what I can have at first (the reason I fell for this girl is because she was my ex-bestfriends ex, and she was "forbidden" and that made me intersted, and also ruined my friendship with him and his current girlfriend, I miss them a lot but they want nothing to do with me anymore).

I like what's unobtainable, and once I get it I don't know what to do with my feelings. Like, with this girl, I could have made my move while me and her were waiting for some friends. She asked to sit on my lap, to see where things would go and I completely blew it. She told me i could have done anything at that moment. But i chose to sit there awkwardly. I mean I'm still a freaking virgin.
I've also had many options to lose it, but I've never taken them. All pretty cute girls, and I'm picky. This one literaly told me "If you're still a virgin by the end of the year, hit me up, or before if you want" and smiled. I was attracted to her, liked her personality, even had her make the move and didn't do anything? Seriously is there something wrong with me? I need advice or reassurance


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  • Stop wasting your time with her and just forget it. Move on and block all of her posts. Find another girl.


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