Having sex makes me miss him more?

I was with my ex 3 years, we loved together was engaged and was getting married next year, my ex uped and left without and real reason, was appauling to me but I still missed and loved him. It's been 5 months now and I have slept with a couple of other guys, nothing serious but when I slept with both of them it made me miss my ex more, I have no idea why, it's really affecting my life, has anyone any ideas?


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  • You're NOT over him and the intimacy shared in sex with another man makes you realize it should be your ex fiance' that you'd prefer to be sleepin with, as feelings are still there... If I were you I would refrain from having sex at all and mourn the loss. Never know HE might turn back up, this seems to happen right before you're just about over the idea of seeing or hearing from him again. Once you've excepted this and begin to move on and seem to be doing good for yourself, that's when they pop back up unexpectedly... drives me insane, but it's like clockwork, I swear... Good Luck

    • I will never hear from him again i know that for sure 😣

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    • No i was but I had a termination

    • Well without trust, you didn't have much, certainly not ready for marriage if he doesn't trust you... and if he's going off with ex from 7 years ago, then he's obviously not ready to commit, not to mention you only broke up five mths ago and lost a baby recently and have already slept with 2 different dudes... So, clearly there's issues and marriage is not the answer. Give it time, date if you need to date, but try not having sex bc it just makes you feel guilty. Fall in Love all over again, and then sex

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