Do you think that's the last i've heard from him?

So my ex boyfriend and I broke up a year ago and we tried to stay friends but it just never worked. we would speak on facebook probably 3 times a month, even about his girlfriend and how wonderful his life is not. I decided not contact him for 3 weeks because i thought it was best as that's orginally what he wanted, to not talk anyore. anyway he wouldd get angry and accuse me of ignoring him and tell me that he didn't want a half arsed friendship but was never really there as a friend himself. Mind you he has a girlfriend of 8 months. Anyway a month ago he messaged me telling me if i want to be his friend i have to talk to him, then a couple of days later messaged and said that he couldnt talk to me anymore and had to dedicate himself to his new relationship 100 percent and stop talking to me. I never once said that I loved him or missed him and wanted him back in the last 6 months. I can't really see what changed. He blocked me on facebook and said that even if i contacted him he won't reply. I really do think this is the last time i;ve heard from him and after a year i wasn't even upset. You grow a lot after a break up. You think your whole worlds coming to an end, but looking back now I can honestly say i've got through my hard break up. tried to make friends work but it didn't. I just want to know do you think he is going to resurface, has this ever happened to you. he is 23 and she is 18, theyve been together 8 months and if his happy with her than thats great. I just wish i knew what he was thinking and whats going through his head this last year.
So update. He did resurface.
There was a security threat at my work and he messaged to make sure i was okay. I thought that was really nice just in itself. That he thought to care about me when i could possibly have been blown up. Anyway we got to talking and i asked if he was going to his family for Christmas and his girlfriends for dinner. He told me that they had broken up 2 month ago. I was shocked as things had been going so well for them
but then how they were still seeing eachother and trying to make things work and that they are going to get back together in a few months... HANG ON JUST A SECOND.
Why the hell are you telling me all of this i dont fricken care about your girlfriend problems mate. just tell me that your working things out. so basically he resurfaced to make sure i was safe and tell me about his girlfriend problems. unbelievable.


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  • It sounds to me like he clearly doesn't know what the hell he wants. He keeps sending you mixed signals, popping in & out of your life when it's convenient for him, giving ultimatums. You deserve better. It sounds like you have grown since the breakup & that's great. You've tried to be friends, but I'm well aware how difficult that is to do. (My ex contacted me a couple weeks ago & wants to be friends). If I were you, I would wish this man well, & cut all ties with him... no phone calls, texts, or social media. Use this time for improving yourself & taking care of yourself in every way possible. Continuing to have contact with this man is causing you undo stress & preventing you from really moving forward. I wish you the best!

    • Thanks for replying. Ultimatum is deffs what he kept giving me. I am over him I'm just confused at his actions. Every time he said leave Me alone kinda thing it would be him demanding I talk to him a month later!

    • You're welcome! Ultimatums are uncalled for, & for that matter, so are this young man's actions. Like I said earlier, you deserve better... and you will have it!

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  • He's trying to get your attention. You have kept your head held high and now he's telling you he's ignoring you. Can you hear him? He's telling you he's ignoring you. The only way he can tell you he's ignoring you is to get your attention! He's telling you if you contact him he's going to ignore you. In other words he's telling you to contact him so he can ignore you and regain some of that power you greedily keep to yourself! Haha, keep your head held high. He'll be back...

    • thats a good insight into it actually. it just makes no sense if what he wanted to was to part ways but then everytime he did he would come back but then be nothing but mean. he could have just stopped talking to me. but your right he wanted the last say. or he could really mean what he says and that is that he wants no contact with me ever again. thanks

    • No he will be in touch. He wanted the last say so he could tell you to ignore him, but you were already doing that. You've hit the nail on the head yourself: he could have just ignored you, but he didn't and he won't. Dodge through the breadcrumbs he'll start throwing sooner or later.

    • Well I'll keep you posted. See if your right. Nothings changed his decision in a year back and forth friendship. It will be interesting. I think the curiosity gets me

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  • To be honest, I think you guys should get over each other. Sometimes trying to be friends just makes things worse. This doesn't mean you're never going to hear from each other again, but if you tried to be friends and it didn't work out, I think it's better to move on and maybe who knows some years from now you guys can talk again.


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