She left me, what do you people think might be going in her head? I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this situation. ?

Hello, long story short, my girlfriend of 2 years suddenly (told me she had been thinking about a month but did not tell me about it) decided to break up with me few weeks ago since she felt like I am not the one (this is the reason I got). She told me that she really wants to continue as friends and that is what I want too. My best friend was a girl when I was younger (we still get along great) so I am pretty sure it will work just fine. No I do not mean we are supposed to be best friends, but that I can communicate with a girl without any "thoughts". I have started to get over her already, I can concentrate on school and do fun things with friends and laugh without thinking about her. But yea... what I am asking is:

When we broke up she wished that we will keep saying good night every evening and that is what we have done. It is ok to me since it does not make me cling on her, I say it like to an old friend. We have not speaked a single word during these few weeks expect for these good nights. What is she thinking? I am seriously wondering that why did she broke up if she still wants to say good night? Maybe she thought she can stop after few days but it is too hard? She can't get over me? May she even be regretting? She hoped that I will not contact her for some time and I promised her that. How long should I wait before asking what's up or should I wait for her to start chatting? I really would not want to be the one starting to chat since she is the one who wanted me not to contact her for a while.

Is this just a strong indicator that she wishes to stay close friends with me or does she still care about me more than she tells (also keeps liking my stuff on facebook and so does her best friend)? We were doing so fine and got along so well, but only managed to meet max. 1 time a week because we both are very busy. Maybe she thought that there is no other way than to break up to make life easier even though she would have wanted to be with me but simply no time? (I am 100% sure she has no other guy in her mind, no need to question this)


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  • Talk to her. We can't read her mind


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