Why is my ex behaving this way towards me?

I feel like he's childish sometimes. He's 23 years old and we've known each other for 7 years and we were together for awhile but I left him February this year. He was mistreating me and I was tired of going back to him and forgiving him. Since the breakup he's tried getting back with me but I told him I was completely done with his madness. Also he's had 700 girlfriends since our breakup yet I get 1 boyfriend after our breakup and I'm a hoe, I suppose. This is one of many conversations below. What do you think?



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  • When you interact with this fella you're giving him all of your power and energy, and clearly he loves it... and maybe you do too. Sometimes the drama is fun. But it's weak.

    Move on, let him go, accept yourself as awesome and ignore him. Block the number, block the Facebook, or what ever is needed.

    He's basically shitting in a box and giving it to you as a gift, and you're accepting it by interacting with him. Instead I recommend you leave him holding his box of shit and move on.


    ~ Robby


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