Girls, If your ex refused friendship?

If you did something bad eg cheated on your boyfriend or just simply dumped him, you offered your friendship to him, but he refused and stopped talking to you, how would you feel?
  • I dont blame him, its my own fault
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  • he's a jerk for refusing my offer of friendship
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  • If you f'd up, it's rude to try to be his friend after.

    • Thanks. She cheated but asked if we could still be friends lol

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    • No silly, that's what I'd say to an ex who cheated but then wanted to be friends. SEE YA!! In their mind it justifies their cheating, makes them feel better about themselves. your friendship says, yeah, it's ok that you cheated, I'm just s doormat, wamlk all over me as much as you want.

    • Oh sorry lol. Yeah I get ya now. Cheers

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  • I never been the one to break it off etc I've always been the one who got played and I wasn't able to talk to them til I was fully over it and understood what I did to make them think it was okay to treat me that way

  • I would be heart broken at first, and be a bit angry because I would think he would want to save something as special as our relationship. But then as time goes by I would know that he was totally reasonable and made the healthy right choice. It would hurt both ways, no matter how I think of it though.

  • She wants to keep you hooked. I would not be friends with her


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