My ex said,"it took me a long time to get over you, but now that I am.. I don't really have any doubts"?

This was in response to me telling him I still love him.



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  • I would say that he understands how you feel, expressing your love. However he's moved on and he's happy with the decision.

    It sounds to be it's not a decision he took lightly or happened overnight. But when he came to terms with the ending of your relationship and he thought about it from a different viewpoint, he thought it was the right thing to do.

    I'm not saying he never had feelings for you but those feelings are gone now. He's keeping you at arms length and will do for the rest of his life.


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  • In other words he really loved you and the thought you and him not being together really had him down emotionally. Now that his heart and mind are clear he wants to move on but has a little anger still there.

  • He doesn't have any doubts about his decision to move on.

    It took him a long time, but he is finally over you and doesn't want to fall back.


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