How do I tell him that it's not going to work?

I've been dating my friend for about six months and things were great at first; but now I don't feel that spark anymore and I don't think he does either. We used to text all the time and we couldn't wait to wake up to one another. Now, the texting in infrequent and we just seem to have two totally separate lives. I haven't felt needed or loved. I say I love you and he doesn't say a word. He doesn't flirt sexually with me anymore and I just feel like I want someone that will not only want me but love me too. He is a sweet guy and I don't want to hurt him, but I'm getting older and I want different things. I want to get married and have kids and he wants to wait until we would be late 30's if he wants to get married. I'm ready for more in my life and though I care about him, I don't feel like we want and need the same things. Plus he is spending lots of time with his ex and even though he swears he isn't cheating, I think he loves her. How should I break up with him?


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  • "I'm sorry but we're two different people and it's not working out. We want different things. We gave it our best shot but it isn't meant to be. I wish you the best."


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  • The writing on the wall and all, that with Everything you have said and More, which is a Mouthful, it doesn't have to be etched in stone hear, dear, that there is No chemistry between you, perhaps no love lost between you and he most likely is trying again with his "EX."
    The Best from the Rest thing to do is sit him and down and have an open line of communication talk with him about everything that is on your mind. I am sure you will Feel much better, and you both, being an Honest John and Jane, can remain friends till the end now.
    Sometimes when the other has not got the nerve to do something that they Feel would be Better for both, they give a sure sign of that time and put it in your own mind, hoping you will spill the beans.
    Good luck and I hope you find what You are looking for. xx


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  • Just be honest and straightforward with him and tell him the same in a firm tone.


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  • Well if you move on with someone else take things slow and get to know the guy. Do adventures things si that it won't be the same things as always and you get to know more of his personality.

  • Cut off contact altogether. Just tell him you're not feeling it.


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