Have you ever been cheated on, and even found out details about how it happened?

Ever been cheated on and found out who, with, what, when, where? How they even met? Events of what took place, that hurt to hear? Share your story. Seeing what my boyfriend and another girl texted and finding out what they said to each other hurt me. He met her at work.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, my first ex cheated on me. And I got to know everything about what happened, right down to the last bit of detail! :P

    • Oh no 😪

    • It's alright, it was almost 5 years ago! So when I look back, I just laugh about it!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yup! And to make it even better I caught her running out of his house through the other door lol. I actually trusted him, and knew he was hanging out with her after he was done work, but what sucked the most is when he said goodnight, he wasn't really going to sleep etc. x

    • Sorry that happened, well you deserve better!

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What Guys Said 1

  • no, been with plenty of women, but only been in one relationship


What Girls Said 4

  • i haven't been cheated on, but i've found out about my man making out with another girl in my absence. he was drunk and she meant nothing to him because he didn't know her.
    still, i was so hurt.

    • I'd be hurt too... I always thought of kissing as part of cheating but I believe everyone has their own idea of whats considered cheating.

  • Yeah... so I witnessed it lol

    Him making out with her at school. So that was cool. We broke up later that day. She was in our friend group.

    • Well you deserved better... Than him and the friend since she thought it was classy to kiss her friends boyfriend

  • Yes, my ex cheated on me with a new coworker. He broke up with me by text while I was out of town and with a lot of excuses (of course he did not mention his coworker...). It was so sudden and unexpected that the break up left me shocked in disbelief. The day I got back hoping to talk and figure things out, I found out about his coworker through FB... and I could add a lot of details to the story putting together information I got here and there (a nightmare). It was the most painful day of my life - I loved this guy.

  • What exactly did they say to each other in the texts?

    • A lot of sweet talk that not "just friends" would say to each other

    • Sweet talk... like compliments or I love you's?

    • Compliments, many

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