Has there ever been someone that made you change your ways?

girls and guys can answer

If yes, why? or if no, why not?


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  • Yeah - the current female in my life.

    Without making me "think" that my game was basically sh*t, she made me feel that way. Even though I was the type to know otherwise, it really dug at me- so I gave her more attention than I should have which made me fall for her. It was quite weird to know what she was doing without verbally stating those accusations. She was a player herself- per se'.

    - She basically took my game, and used it against me in a fun and playful way without trying to "put me down" but she did infact, take me down a notch.

    Truthfully, I haven't been happier since- even with a lot of things going on that I don't appreciate (that she does); but man this girl has my mind blown, I don't know what to think or otherwise, it's really funny that someone in hs that thought he was a player, ends up on the totem pole of being those kids I pitied lol.


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  • No because the key to being a playa is knowing yourself and keeping your feeling in check. With knowing that,puts you in control on where you want to go in your game. I don't play the good girls because all they have is love for a guy so I leave them alone. The ones I play are the freak in the club. You know the ones with there breast out and short skirts, the ones all the men lust after. Because their playa themselves and they play games and break hearts. To me that's fun taming this wild girls and making them crazy about me. So you follow the rules of the game and you want get played thus changing your ways.

    Hope that helps!

    5 years in the game

    • Basically what is being said here is: he tends to "play" the females that portray themselves as "easy" "sluts" or "whores" even. Not ones that portray themselves as sophisticated well rounded women who know what they want in life.

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    • Darlin, you just said exactly what I said.

    • Lol my bad

  • I met a girl who changed my ways and I totally fell in love with her. Ironically, she used me in the long run and destroyed me. I will never ever again play a girl.

    • Thats good I really respect that of you, but there's also this thing called karma and it straightened up your ways. like you played a girl and hurt her then some girl came along and f***ed you over and gave you a taste of your own medicine so there's karma for you :) but that's good on your part that you would never play a girl again. :)

    • It's horrible when it happens, but the sad truth is even women do hurt men. I am glad to hear you say you will never play a female again, that means you learned from what happened instead of doin what most people, men and women, would do and say "i'll never trust again". Hang in there, you will find a girl who will treat you right. especially with that positive attitude towards the situation!

    • I would've died for her. I was so proud to be her boyfriend and I just loved her unconditionally. Maybe it was karma, but I am afraid I will never love like that again in my life. I felt for her like I've never felt for anyone in my life. I am in my late 20's and just expected to have that relationship forever. She changed into someone that I didn't fall in love with. She became very self-involved and I got kicked to the curb. I treated her like a queen and she'll have a hard time replacing me.

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  • First, let's define a "player" : basically one who tends to move from one partner to the next. These are found more so in men AND women of younger ages. They aren't sure what they want in life therefor bounce freely having fun. The old saying "once a player/cheater always a player/cheater, I can assure you is not true. It's not a matter of someone MAKING you change your ways because you can not be forced to be someone who you are not or do not want to be. It's more of a matter do you WANT to change for that particular person? As you grow older you will find that not only the ways of the opposite gender tend to change, but your ways will change as well. I say this because, I, at a young age was a "player" myself. The man I am with did not MAKE me change. I CHOSE to change because I have deep feelings for him. I hope this helps at least a little dear.


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