Feel so low, ex wants to cheat on his girlfriend with me?

Feel so depressed, he said he had changed, then got all jealous because some guy he doesn't like wanted to be with me, now this. I'm depressed because I spent many tears, sleepless nights and not eating when he broke up with me a few years ago, to find I mean/meant nothing to him and to use me as a last resort. I won't hook up with him I just feel so sad and I don't know why it might be because deep down I know we will never get back together, something I always wanted but not at the expense of someone else getting hurt. I've told him to not contact me again Why do men/women treat people that lived them like crap and expect them to just put out for them when things aren't happy on their relationships?
Not lived, Loved


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  • Why the fU** do you women still talk to an ex?

    Are you stupid?

    I know this is harsh but all you people getting hurt because you still talk to an ex deserve it

    • You've never been in love have you?

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    • Sorry for slaggin u off.. I'm just having a fed up with men moment and u seemed to be the fall guy.. if u ever become single word of advice- never try internet dating
      Peace out and stay happy x

    • Thankyou for the advice: Sorry for slagging you off too: I just read your thingy question, it seems to me he obviously still has feelings for you.. I know you're sad but just move on because I get the feeling you still have feelings for that di**

      Could try doing some meditation and maybe try do some cardio, get your body full of energy again

      I hope you're alright and move on

      Go on youtube an look up funny sh** to make yourself laugh :)

      Hope you get out of the depression

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  • Okay. So to be honest I think you might be taking this a bit too hard. He is a male most males don't know what the heck they want! What he is doing is wrong. But to him he knows you are an easy target because you loved him he is using that. He sounds like a jerk. It's wrong that he is trying to cheat on his current girlfriend but honestly it's not your problem your problem is choosing to allow him to control your life. If you delete him from your life problem solved delete him from all social media and your cell phone you will be amazed how amazing it feels.

    • I've done that... it's the catfishing he's doing now.. I've grieved for the relationship.. it's the twistness of it all to mess with my emotions x

    • I'll try explain further.. I was randomly talking to this man on messenger and he seemed so nice just chatting and getting to know each other- then I realise who I'm talking to and BAM my head feels tight.. as I tried to explain I know he has no feelings for me and he probably chose me last on list, that's what makes me feel sad.. I can't figure out what other people think but this is beyond my level of understanding the way he went about it..

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  • I normally do this when I have a MASSIVE amount of RESENTMENT. What did you do to him?

    • Nothing that I know of, if anyone should hold resentment it should be me.

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    • Well, I am your idealistic male. I am 6'1 and own a real estate business. This website is my escape from people. I unleash my bitterness out on everything here. @asker

    • I don't have an ideal man, money looks was never my thing.. don't know why

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  • Look I'm sorry but you dont even need to feel sad all those nights n tears and unhealthy weight loss was the sadness due to his Bs cycle and personally i feel all your sadress has been used up for him.
    They expect that cause they know they can get it. It's a mistake we make when we get to comfortable and close


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