He wants to cheat?

my best friend has just told me he wants to cheat on his girlfriend with someone else. what do I do?

also, he knows I like him as more than a friend so why did he tell me?

update: the 'someone else' is not me. some other girl has offered herself to him.


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  • he wants you to be the one he cheats for


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  • To answer your question advise him that cheating on his girlfriend is going to get back to her, it always does, especially if he's already planning it and discussing it with other people. their relationship is going to end anyway, why not nip it in the bud and break up before he sleeps with the other girl! this will = very pleasurable and guilt free sex. I know he's afraid to break up in case he'll be alone but in all honesty there's plenty more to life than sex.


What Girls Said 1

  • I hope you're not considering sleeping with him while he still has a gf.

    • Oh no, I wouldn't. I respect our friendship etc too much. he's saying he wants to cheat with this other girl...who has already offered herself to him.

    • I respect that the asker has already said she wouldn't but I don't think it is for you to judge on whether she sleeps with him or not, this whole relationship could be a lot deeper and more complicated than that, these things aren't always black and white.

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