Am I being ridiculous? Why does this bother me?

My boyfriend will sometimes post fb comments on his friends pics (female friends) like Wow, amazing picture or that's perfect. etc. I know he loves me very much and these are his college friends so he has a right to talk to them. What's wrong with me? Why am I jealous? I love him a lot and I do trust him that he would never cheat on me, We are very close and have a very open communication level so my friend told me to tell him it bothers me but am I think maybe I'm just being unreasonable and shouldn't let it bother me... ? Why does he tell them that? I have guy friends who are hot and I might say "nice picture" but to say WOW, like omg, you look perfect? Maybe I should start doing that? Lol, OK, I'll shut up now, but if you don't mind, I just would like to know what I should do about the way I'm feeling. I'm confused.


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  • I don't think you should worry about him cheating on you or anything, that's for sure. It's probably just a personality thing, and since you have such an open communication level, you should talk to him about it, let him know, just try not to make a huge fuss or whatever about it though.


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  • It's a little prolish for your boyfriend to be so blatantly flirtatious in a public domain. But it doesn't seem to be a problem.

    Make a joke of it - comment below if you can. Do not be upset or angry about it or to him.

  • Facebook ruins lives.


    are you really getting that mad he is complimenting his female friends on their beauty?

    i mean, get over it.

  • u can't help how you feel...maybe you should try to not read the comments anymore? if you don't see them it could probably help keep ur mind off em


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