Could he have realised he can't replace me this quickly? please read it all?

Me and my ex was together 3 and half years, we was very emotionally close, we had an amazing relationship, we was engaged, lived together, and had only just booked our wedding for next year, he also raised my son as his own for the 3 and half years we was together and he loved and adored him.
At the start of May my ex left me, he seemed to be in a massive mess, things hadn't been perfect between us for a few weeks. When he left I found out I was pregnant and he said i was lying, he wouldn't see proof for himself and then cut me out his life and wouldn't speak to me even over our joint house. I ended up having a termination which broke my heart. He's never been on touch since.

5 weeks after we split he had a new girlfriend and I was broken, he plastered her all over his Facebook, pictures of them two, within a few weeks of being with her there was then pictures of my ex, this girl and this girls child so soon after he had just left my son (even though my son isn't his my ex saw him as his own). The 3 of then was having a day out together at a zoo, i was broken.
A few weeks after I saw these pictures I found out this girl is his ex from 7 or so years ago which hurt even more.
It's been 3 months since they first put in Facboook they was together and I have been told that this girl now has a new boyfriend and my ex and her are no longer together..
So I wondered..
Was she just a rebound after me?, could he have realised it was maybe to soon for a serious relationship so quickly after me and him?


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  • If they have a history, it probably isn't a rebound.

    • They aren't together anymore. .

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  • Him using her as a possible rebound doesn't have much to do with him thinking you can't be replaced. She could have been the one who dumped him for this new guy. He might have just wanted to fool around and posted the pics on fb to rub it in your face.
    None of this matters, or should matter, though. Just forget about him and move on.


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  • I think you didn't fully satisfy him and he wen't back to his old love.


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