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Ok so me and my ex wife was together 5years we have 2kids together. We split up for nine months she meat so ugly guy whos 8years older than her and he makes 200,000 a year. They dated for 6weeks and ran off and got married. When I found out me and her met up and talked told each other we still in love and want to be together so left him and stayed with me for a whole week saying she not happy or in love with him they fight all the time. She cheated on him with me for about 8weeks saying she was gonna save up money and leave plus she doesn't want anymore kids and he wants one of his own. I told her that she should just get back with me if she still really feels the same as i do, but she told me that she has to see how there marriage plans out and everything tells me to go move on. But when I try to move on she gets mad and bitches at me asking whos over at my house whos with me. I have no idea what's going on in her head can someone please help me.


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  • Woah, That sounds really complicated buddy. It sounds to me like she's exactly where she wants to be. She has her husband as a provider and you who covers everything else. She's playing you man... maybe she does still love you but if that was so since you are the father of her kids, she should go to be with you without thinking twice. You got 2 options here. Sit tight, like she says waiting around to see if she eventually leaves her comfortable life to pursue a previous failed marriage with you. While you quietly share her physically and emotionally with another man. OOORR... talk to her. Tell her that respect her choice of seeing how things play out in her marriage but let her know that you can't put your life on hold for her if she won't do it for you. A relationship is supposed to be 50/50. If she doesn't wanna fully commit that 50 then it is only natural that you look for someone else to invest it in. It is completely ludicrous that she goes off on you for dating when YOU ARE SINGLE. Distance yourself some, become occasionally unavailable and refuse to give away details of what you were doing. She goes crazy at the thought of her options narrowing down, you gotta recognize that. If you put boundaries on her (as much as you lover her and want her leave her hubby) she'll do 1 of 2 things. Dump you completely and stay with her husband, or itll drive her so jealous and hurt that you are moving on that shell jump fully on your ship before it full deploys. Just dont cave and give her what she wants. Be a man, show her that you are ready to move on, WITH OR WITHOUT HER. Good luck!


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  • Run from this psycho bitch!!! She has serious issues and you need s stable environment for yourself and your children. Find someone new, tell her to stop commenting on your personal life and only contact you if it is regards to the kids. I'm serious! This is not love. There is something seriously wrng with her mental state.

    • I'm glad to see another grown woman commenting on this situation that many men are placed in. Women in general are real good a manipulation especially if they are using their vaginas to lead the way. It's hard for men to break out of that cycle... the best thing they can do is go to a family member, or friend for advice and hope they can see that they are being gaslighted.

  • Your ex wife is trying to hold onto you as her "fall back" plan. Run fast. Run far.


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