I'm so lost and I know the truth. (no rudeness please) What am I supposed to do?

I just want him back. I want us back. I miss us, I miss everything we'd do together. And before you ask, I have tried moving on and he just right back. We've been kinda talking on/off for a while, and about 2 months ago, he randomly stopped talking to me and I don't know why. We were fine the week before (it happened during the weekend). But he'd still snap me, he still does. I want him to talk to me more. I don't know what to do. I know the truth, and I feel and know deep down he does still want me. I keep having these gut feelings (that are happening randomly and a lot today...) that he does want me.. but I have no idea what to do. Someone please help...


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  • You can wear your heart on your sleeve contact him ask to see him in person (I'll explain why) and ask him where he sees you guys if there's even still a possible "you guys " in the atmosphere cause ethos gut feelings will only get you so far.
    You have to ask him in person through a text with these kinda fragile situation to many things cab be taken wrong ask in person watch him like a hawk his facial expressions if his mannerisms changes if he pauses only in person you'll be able to get the answer you need even if it's not one you prefer

    • when we re together, I could always if there was anything wrong just looking at him. I want to talk to him so bad. but yet I'm so scared to.

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    • this is true, i just don't know what to do about it now. I should've said something then, but i think it's kinda late to now.

    • As a female it's never to late lol , when it comes to things we don't like we can retain even how the tree two blocks away looked while explainin how shytty they acted lol. If something doesn't sit right with you , you gotta let it be known

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  • If he wanted to be with you he would be. Since you've broken up that tells me you weren't compatible anyway. Stop all communication and move on

    • We were compatible. Very. We broke up because of more emotional reasons. I was going through family issues and I wasn't myself for awhile.

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    • We can though.

    • I go back to my original opinion that if he wanted to be with you he would be

  • I hate things like this, like my ex and I broke up a month ago.. the first two weeks she talked to me... then we talked a little last week.. but ever since last Wednesday I haven't heard anything from her... I have the same type of gut feelings you have, that we'll either be close or get back together in the future.. but honestly you never know for sure... these situations are so hard.. especially if you think the reasons why you guys broke up was small

    • It was kinda small in my case, I really do feel deep down that we willl get back together, I trust my gut. I just hate waiting. I hate this. I have been going through hell for the past weeks. He's snapchatted me like once a week so far :/ I'm almost tempted to just ask what happened. Whatever it was, I know it's fixable. I know the truth, and I know he does want me...

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    • Not really, unless you count weird snapchats :/

    • i want to get his attention but i have no idea how. Im so scared to talk to him.

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  • If he wanted you back, he'd make it happen. It would make things a lot easier on you if you consider your relationship done & done. Start trying to move on.

  • Maybe try reaching out to him, I mean u don't have to pour your heart out but, u could reach out and say " hey" that'll let him know you are thinking about him. (repeat)

    • I'm tempted to just snapchat him and ask what happened to us.

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