Ex friend who refuses to return items I left at her house?

I left a few good movies at a friends house a few months ago. I keep texting her asking to return them, and she ignores me, I've even confronted her and she still ignores me. Should I show up at her house? I want my movies back! What should I do? :/


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  • I doubt she's going to return them to you even if you show up at her house. Don't make the bad situation even worse, forget about those movies and just buy yourself another copy

  • I recommend leaving her a note at her house when she's not there, stating that you'll be returning at a specific day and time to pick up your belongings. Make sure that you give her specific list. Making her aware that you're going to be coming to her house will avoid any surprise and will more than likely guilt her into returning your belongings. If she still refuses, you could always have a mutual friend (who doesn't mind getting involved - always explain the situation beforehand!) pick up your movies. Afterall, your friend is mad at you and shouldn't take it out on anyone else.


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