Bad idea to contact the ex?

My boyfriend and I broke up last week and I'm still heartbroken. I'm so in love with him. I know it's still new but it really hurts. Wishing I could reach out and say hi but I don't want to look desperate or stupid. ... so bad idea? If so, when would it ever be acceptable to try to reach out again - 2 months, 6? etc. (If I still feel that way about him then)
And how would I do it - I'd want to be casual about it so I don't look desperate and I'm obviously afraid of getting rejected.

Especially interested in how the guys would feel if an ex was reaching out to you like this.


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  • contact with your ex mean that there's a possibility to getting reject, and that's ll' make you look desperate . I know you still love him but you need to love yourself first and don't wanna give a fake hope that to try reach him after time, the more you waiting the more you hurt yourself


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