Doubting my decision?

I dated my ex for almost a year. At 1st I had absolutely no doubt that my ex loved me and would go to bed w/a feeling of being cared for on his end. The last few months of the relationship, I felt something was off, I just couldn't put my finger on the cause. I felt as though he had lost interest, he was putting in a lot less effort. In the beginning he made every effort to see me and sometimes we saw each other twice a day (both of us didn't mind at all), he would even stay late at my place and he always invited me whenever he would go out. He began going to the bar w/out me once a week to hang out w/friends, yes he did tell me where he was, but he would let me know last minute even though I could sense he knew that he would go to the bar the next day (I would never just show up if I wasn't invited), I would be left at home. What really bothered me is when we were together he never felt like going out (this happened a few months in), yet by himself he would go to the bar (if money was the issue I was always willing to help). He only started taking me when I questioned him about it (he never took me to that bar, other then on our 1st date). One time he told me something happened at work, he couldn't make it to see me, he ended up spending nearly 2 hours in the bar by himself. I would always consider inviting him when I went out. I guess he is a lazy person in general and that's how he acted towards the relationship, on his days off he would come and pick meet me after work (since I had short days) even if we ended up at his place, that stopped and he never offered to make that extra trip to see me (sometimes he would meet me after work when he was working late). I would always meet him after work, even if this meant an extra trip. What really freaked me out was him not making an effort to get his stuff together to get ahead for the future. I enjoy everyday, but I am always thinking what I will be doing to make my future more successful.
I talked to him about my doubts a couple days later. He threatened to leave me if I kept treating him that way and said I was acting crazy (I have threatened to leave him too, immature I know). I was told that he was only one guy and I should maybe go find someone better suited. I told him I was crazy about him, in the sense that I wanted only him and not any other guys. He didn't like it and said that was a bad thing.
At that point I knew the relationship was over. He came over a couple days later being all cuddly and loving, trying to win me over. I acted very sad and was very cold to him (something I never did, he made me happy so I never took my grumpy out on him, he did though). He wanted to talk as he saw I was acting way out of my norm. A couple days after that I broke up w/him. That destroyed me, he has attempted to talk to me after (I didn't want to stay friends). His phone call included him spilling


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