Is there a time limit guys need to miss a girl and come back?

I was with this guy for about 2 months but he ended things because he didn't want a relationship. He still likes me and says there are no other girls. Is 2 months a long enough history for him to come crawling back cause he misses me if I give him space?

i need to know if I should move on or not. what do you think?


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  • Hello there!

    kinda the same happened to me. I dated this guy for about 3 month but I broke up with the guy a month ago because he was to busy for me (job, friends...). He texted and msn me a LOT during this time and asked to go back together, he still has feelings for me, but I havnt seen him since then. I m not sure about what I want yet, I don't want to be disappointed like this anymore! It's a good advice to play hard, it's what I'm trynna do atm. But I've just read on his fb that he's having dinner with a (girl)friend soon, and he then deleted the post! And that hurts badly...

    How can I keep playing hard when I have doubts about how much he wants me back? She might just be a friend... do you go to dinner with girlfriends like this and hide it? should I tell him next time I see him? should I get over? I'm lost.



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  • yes...sound like he might want to too...but don't go back to him hard to get...and when he does say he wants to take ur time going back to him...make him work hard to get you then you want keep doing it...and also so that he won't want to loose you again

    • Ok thanks so much! is there anything I can do to make him miss me besdies give him space.. or to speed up the process? how can I win him back basically

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  • I think You should move on and let him come back when he is ready...dont put ur life on hold for anyone...If he comes back then you can make a proper decision on what you wanna do...2 months is long enough for him to come back...just don't be available for him first time around...make him work for you and show you he really wants u


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