Should I date this guy or let him go?

Well me and this guy have been texting never talked face to face, but I have asked him if he wanted to wait for me... he said he does but I don't know what to do he is older than me... I need some help. I've talked with my parents about him and they FLIPPED OUT over it but I don't know what to do he seems like an awesome person and we have so many things in common its not even funny... CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME A LITTLE! thank you :/

This guy I 5 years older than me.


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  • Well try to talk with him in person more is the first step. Like if you see him at school, just say hi! Try not to text too much, that makes it more awkward in person.

    As for the parents, if you're just talking to him at school, then they shouldn't know! But tell them to have an open mind and have him prove to them that he's a respectable dude! Let him get on their good side.

    Keep a positive attitude about it!

    Good luck!

    James :D

    • Yeah but he doesn't go to my school.... and he's 5 years older... I don't know I'm so freakin confused

  • Hmm, well then when would you see him? Like where would he wait for you?

    • Wait for me as in when I'm old enough to see him... I love talkin to him but I don't know if its too good to actually be true....

    • Oh okay I get what you're saying.

      Well some things are good for waiting for, but some aren't.

      So I guess what you have to decide is whether or not you're willing to do this for however long you have to wait.

      I don't mean to sway your answer, but you know there are tons of fish in the sea.

    • Your right, there are.... lol

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