Why does he want to cheat on his girlfriend with me?

I have been seeing this guy (guy B) for about 4 months. At the time, I had been casually dating and was also seeing guy A. Guy B had known about guy A the whole time (I tried to be honest). Things proceeded too quickly with guy A and we ended up being official boyfriend and girlfriend. I had deep emotions for guy B too, and ended up cheating on guy A, with guy B. About two months later, I broke up with guy A, and continued on this unknown relationship with guy B (it really seemed like a friends with benefits situation). Around May, guy B had to leave his hometown (which is where I am), back to where he studied for two months. Before he left, I had tried to tell him about my feelings for him, but it was evident he wanted to avoid the topic completely. We kept in touch, and about two weeks before he was due back in town, he told me he had gotten back together with his ex-girlfriend and that she would come back to town with him. However, he proposed that we continue on our friends with benefits relationship despite the fact that he has a girlfriend. I am torn, in one way, it seems like karma has made its way back to bite me in the ass, but why does he want to cheat with his girlfriend? What am I to him?


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  • Why does he want to cheat on his girlfriend with you? Are you kidding me? He wants to have sex with two women instead of just one. Duh!

    You were (are, if you're still doing it) a F@#k buddy.

    BTW - you're right, karma is a bitch.

    Good luck!


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