Why does it seem like this?

Why does it seem like those who have been broken up with, and have gotten over an ex.. whether they didn't care anymore or they were confident a future would happen are the ones who get their ex back? but those who are still hung up on an ex 3-4-5-6-7-8 months after the breakup.. are the ones who tend to never get their ex back?


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  • Because whatever BS, misunderstanding, personal issue , family issue, outside issue etc that caused the break up in the first place was strong enough to make one or the other decide they needed time apart physically while mentally still being attched and figuring out a way to fix it to be with that person even if they call themselves "dating" "looking for someone new" "peacocking" it's just to pass the time they have no interest in those on that level and will get that person til proven there's no chance it will work.

    As for those who hold on half the time it's due to more and more negative crap popping up. they start to realize, analyze, and question everything, every moment, every phrase utterd to one another (sweet nothings) , if you were relevant to them, til the whole situation becomes a poisonous lie and a waste of each others time, you feel abounded used n foolish , abused mentally (mind fcked). They can't even look at that person let alone attempt getting back with them.

    All a assumption of course


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  • Because women are not attracted to those who a needy. They want men that are confident and self assured.

    • Do they have some like sense, to know when a guy has been thinking of them?

    • Its ot a sense so much as reading social cues. When you like a girl and she contact you, you want to get back to her immediately. while polite, she takes it as you do not have anything to do. Also that you value her so much that you will stop whatever you are doing in order to do what she wants. With the type, they do there own thing, and are busy. this non concern with her indicates that he has an inInteresting life that she wants to be a part of. Shows that he does not need to rely on her, thus she can rely on him. Etc.

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  • They are still in love with their ex.


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