Girls, Thoughts on returning your ex girlfriends belongings after a break up?

I dated my ex for 2.5 years and in April she ended our relationship via phone and a follow up text. I was shocked that she couldn't talk to me face to face. I guess she has her reasons for it. Personally I think it's disrespectful but those are my thoughts.

Over the years she left multiple items of clothing, jewelry and dishes at my house. I figured that she probably wanted them back so instead of waiting for to ask for them I neatly organized and packed her stuff and mailed it to her. This broke my heart to have to do this. I love her still and it's been 6 months.

I used that opportunity to let her know how I felt so I enclosed a letter " I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you clearing things up in you're email to me. I understand that you no longer have feelings for me and I understand the set boundaries. The past several years have been some of the best and I appreciate you letting me be apart of your family and your life. It really meant a lot to me. Please tell your mother and children that I said hello and that I hope and wish you the best"!!!

she broke up with me over the phone and email. She never responded or even said that she received the package of her stuff or said thank you.

Who and why would someone act like that. Also the break up was out of the blue.

So confused and hurt.


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  • ask her if she will take them back or not if she says no then get rid of them


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