My girlfriend's ex boyfriend likes to bother her. Should I hurt him or not?

My girlfriends ex was a manipulative freak. He got into her head and made her break up with me the first time we dated, making her believe that he was better for her, that my joining the us army wasn't good,and that she would just hurt herself being around me.

At the same time, he was cheating on her openly, and she was refusing to believe it, because he was her"angel" saving her from certain destruction by my hands. They broke up right after I left for basic training, and she realized that he was just using her for mind games.

While I was at basic, I received two letters from her, the first about how Darren was an ass and the family and her new horse and how her house almost caught on fire.

The second letter was all about how much she missed me, and she buried it in the letter, but she actually admitted that she loved me.

This was all a bit much for me to take in, but seeing as she was the crazy ex, I decided to ignore her.

I got back from basic, and ended up by pure coincidence, running in to her at the store. She ran up gave me a heart warming hug and told me she missed me SO much. That was the only thing that she would talk about for about a week, but gradually we started hanging out, and I ended up kissing her by accident. So we started dating again. Darren was immediately jealous, and I warned him off very strongly, but his mere prescience is enough to get her worked up.

It's at the point now where if he bothers her again, I think I'm going to lose my military bearing, and choke him out, drag him to the office at my school, and file a police report, under ground of harassment towards myself and my girlfriend.

today I caught him trying to have lunch in an abandoned room where he knew my girlfriend was, but hadn't known that I was also at. I pleasantly opened the door, let his friends in, looked at him, and told him,"leave her alone" with as much authority, anger, and threat as I could squeeze into that little sentence. It doesn't help that I was already p*ssed all day.

So, back to my question. Should I just beat his ass now or should I wait until he tries something stupid? I just feel that I've given him enough warnings, and that the only way to get this into his head is to beat it in.


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  • I wouldn't beat him up yet, but if he keeps bothering you guys, and words simply aren't doing it, maybe give him a shove the next time you see him and get right in his face. If that p*sses him off and he hits you, then there you go, beat his ass until he's black and blue.

    If this becomes a serious issue, you may want to address the situation legally, but I'd say hold off on physically hitting him unless it's necessary.

    • Thx I just have this strong urge to sweep his feet and elbowdrop on his jaw every time I lock eyes with him. he's one of the most twisted, mindf***ed, sorry excuses for a "man" I've ever met.

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