How to get over an ex?

yeah, this question is pretty basic...

my ex was a very special person, she was one of my best friends and later one what i considered the love of my life, she then started fading away, always choosing friends over me, taking me for granted and stuff, we used to argue but then i calmed down for the sake of our relationship, she took control and her personality is egocentric so she's gona think she is right even tho she IS wrong, so much that she wouldn't be sorry for mistreating me because she still feels like she is right or did the right thing, I don't know...

she broke up with me suddenly because she didn't want to try LD with me, she chose to go to another state, started looking for a job, college and is planning on joining the military, so she's moving on pretty fast, while im here just holding on some memories, i got a job but im not even motivated because i've been feeling pretty sad and forgotten.
SOMETIMES she hits me up but is like distant, acts childish and is mean for no reason..
how can i get over this? i know for a fact that we are no longer gonna see each other and she's moving on, she's decided to forget about me and is doing it pretty fast.
the relationship was almost 2 years.


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  • You should try talk to her. Maybe she has not forgotten about you. She might be securing her furture. That is what many people do, they want to have a better future.

    • but why someone who "loves" you just decides to give up without even trying?
      we have talked but its awkward since she broke up with me, its been almost a month since the breakup
      and when we talk (chat) she seems uninterested and kind of dry and mean, she was like that a few days before the breakup, she didn't talk at all and then got mad for some stupid reason and decided she should split... she's a proud person and i dont know if she ws so in love with me in the first place because of the way she acted

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    • It is better to let her go and move on. That would be the best for both of you.

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  • You won't get over this for a while and that's ok. It's going to hurt for a long time esp since you felt so strongly for her. You just have to give it time.


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