Me and my ex girlfriend are going out for breakfast... After the break up she said she wanted to be friends yet the way we text is as if we date help?

Should I act like I care?


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  • There is Nothing wrong with an "EX" being a 'Friend' in the end, @Lucas1703, but if you are Beginning to grow cold duck feet here, dear, as to What may be in Store with More, then you need to set the record straight over your eggs and coffee today in a way Where... You both get on the same page on this Main Menu.
    Tell her you would like to take things slow, nurse and nurture something special, but it is best from the rest Not to jump into anything again right now too quick, you don't want to scramble up anything that could end up like the Breakup Before, and you want to see what happens Now.
    You may have led her on a bit yourself with the 'Text' deal, and now it is a Big deal to her.
    Good luck and split the bill. xxoo

    • *Okay, so it seems you want her back? okay, then go slow with this flow and Nurture and nurse First. xxoo

    • I have people telling her to sorta push her away and she will come running back... Will that work?

    • I do not know the cause of the Breakup nor WHO initiated it, but if She did, then yes, play hard to get. xxoo

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  • Text her..."I love you as a friend but I am no longer interested in talking to you no more". Give it a week or so and she will be the one reaching out to you, clingier than ever.

    • But I want here back

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    • After the breakfast

    • just say "see you around, bye"

      with a positive but casual tone

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  • She broke up with you because she just didn't want to be connected to you anymore - and I mean like down the road get married to you. My boyfriend right now, the only reason I consider breaking up with him is when he does bad in school and he won't make it and he's going to pull me down. But if I did break up, I'd still want to see him and text him and stuff... until I found someone else.


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