Do you find it easier to overlook the mistakes of your first love?

Think about this very deeply:

You met your first love in high school. Were with each other 2 years. It was very intense and he cheated on you, which left you devastated and you two broke up.

You meet your second love and fall in love with that person. It is a deep love more than infatuation and a sweet love and he treated you the best in the moment. But he also ended up cheating on you and you two broke up.

Fast forwarding:

You happen to come across both of them at different but very close times. Both of them have changed a lot.

If you were to see them later on, who would still hold the most special place in your heart out of all your exes?
  • The first love
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  • The second love
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  • Both hold an equal special place
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  • Neither of them at all
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  • My first love was a jerk. He doesn't have a place in my heart. But there is this guy that fell deep in love with me. I turned him down coz i was into my first love. I felt very bad coz it hurt him so much. This guy has a very special place in my heart.


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