You have a girlfriend and end up in a brief emotional affair?

Scenario: You have a girlfriend and end up in a brief (3-6 mo) emotional affair with a another girl -- hugging, kissing, deep talks, deep connection but not sex--but break up because you both know its wrong & feel very guilty about it. You still have to see this person at least 3-5 times a week at work. Many months after the break up when no one else is around, the girl you had the affair with suddenly grabs you starts to kiss you. What do you do
  • I don't resist - I kiss her back
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  • I tell her that we can't do this & push her away
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  • I hug her instead & say I am sorry but I can't
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  • Heck, now's my chance -- we go as far as she wants
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  • Other -please explain below
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What Guys Said 1

  • i'd say it depends.

    the only reason for going into another cave for hunting is if you don't like wht you have

    if I like my girlfirend,i'll tell the other girl to draw a line and tht I m committed

    but if tht is not the case,i would break off with the first one and start dating the other one


What Girls Said 1

  • If I ended it then I'd be upset if she did this to me especially since I chose to remain with my partner.


    • Yeah, I agree. A good friend of mine has a crazy crush on this guy who has a gf. She told me she is just going to kiss him again the first chance she gets & see what happens. I wanted to do the poll to maybe get her to see it may not work out the way she expects. Don't want to see her hurt cause she's a great frined. Thanks for your honesty!

    • She'll get hurt.

    • I know. She has already been in tears over him the past 4 months & she likes him so much, she just wants to make this attempt at getting him back. Maybe its the only way she realizes there is no relationship.

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