How do I get over my ex-girlfriend?

I'm 20 and my first relationship ended 2 months ago. We lasted for 10 months and while we had problems, I never thought things were going to end the way they did. I really don't have enough space to tell the story of our break-up the way I want to, but basically what happened is she cheated on me with a co-worker at waffle house. She started working at waffle house about a month or so before we broke up so the affair started somewhere in that time period. She basically started a fight with me and went uncharacterisically out of her way to make me angry. I later realized this was her manipulating me into breaking up with her and it worked because I did. I didn't really want to break up with her and tried to get into contact with her again, only to be met with complete indiference when I told her I still loved her. Later on that night, I saw her relationship status on facebook change to her being in a relationship with one of her co-workers. I then realized she had been acting the way she had beause she had been cheating on me with this dude, and plotting to leave me for him. I talked to her a few more times afterward, and she pulled a complete 180 on me. This was a girl who once clung to me, wanted me around 24/7, and acted like I was the love of her life. Now she's saying her ex before me was the most she had even been in love in her life and she wanted to feel that kind of love again, when all she did was bash him, call him controlling, said he cheated on her, and said she cried every day of the relationship before. She said I didn't cuddle her, hold her, or want to spend the night with her enough, and she knew the first time she chilled with the new guy that he'd treat her better right away. I cried uncontrollably multiple nights. I loved her so much, she was the last person I ever expected to betray me like that. I had already lost 2 friends eariler this year and now her too. 2 months later and it still hurts, it's all I can ever think about.
People are saying do things to distract myself, but that's the problem. I didn't really have much of a life outside of her. 2 other male friends of mine betrayed me earlier this year, and my closest friend moved away recently. I have like one real friend left and when they're busy, I have nothing to do. I've never been popular, never had a lot of friends, been the life of the party, had girls all over me, none of that. So now I'm more lonely than ever before.


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  • The first relationship always hurts the most bro. Just do what you can to distract yourself with friends and hobbies. If you have some close friends you can vent to them which also helps. It just takes time but you WILL make up one morning and feel better. The weight on your shoulders will go away.

    The good news? Future breakups will be much easier to get over.

  • don't rome lonely just go outside makes friend and go with your parents outside do some stuff like job which make you to not remember her


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