You guys: My ex still messaging me but he has a girlfriend already, should I tell her about this? or leave it be?

I was doing so well until he popped out of nowhere 4 months later (now) since we broke up.

To make it short, he messaged me two times yesterday, apologizing and asking for another chance. Not only that, I know he has been stalking me for about a month now since he is following me as anonymous on my Tumblr account.

Anyway, I added his current girlfriend, just to really see if they are actually together because when he messaged me, he said he broke it off with her. Well guess what? they are still DATING!!! My best friend told me that I should tell her, but should I really? what if it gets messy if she doesn't believe me. This girl is SOOO sprung for him and spoiling his broke @rse.


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  • Be honest with the girl. Don't accuse, don't point fingers. Just show her the evidence and state the facts. It's up to her to believe them. Try starting off the convo by saying something like, "Look, I know you're really into ____ and I know this sounds sketchy but I've been getting messages from him and I want you to see it because we girls need to look out for each other and I don't want you to get hurt." Save every text or message he sends you. Do not respond. Write down the date and time every time he does. If she thinks you're lying after presenting her with all of this just drop it. It's none of your concern.

    • Hey thank you- I reached out but she ended up blocking me.
      I was so pissed that I then messaged my ex boyfriend finally telling him that I KNOW EVERYTHING.
      he then accused me I am psycho and to stay away (he sounds like he got scare that he blocked me)

      HOnestly, I feel psycho now. ugh. He started it, but since the girl blocked me I felt like I lost this whole thing which stirred me all angry inside so I finally called him out on it. I was insulted when he said "stay away, you need to seek help. how psychotic can you be stalking my Gf's instagram. stop trying things you couldn't have because you couldn't have me." like seriously?

      yet 2 days ago, he claims he is single and dumped the girl because he realized she isn't the one for him, You know what I mean? ughhhh such a FUCKBOY. I swear

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    • Most likely your ex has been talking about you to his new girlfriend. Calling you a psycho and saying that you're a liar yadda yadda. She might have thought you were going to be aggressive.

    • Hey actually, she unblocked on IG and followed me. Ummm wth? lol
      then I looked at my ex bf's profile and all of a sudden he is posting about her on his social media -_-
      and to think he said all those stuff about me "I am sorry, I want to who you better this time and I am serious..." I am so mind blown that there are some Pathological liar. This girl has NOOOOO idea.

  • I would stay out of this, really. Ignore him. He does not respect his girlfriend and he does not respect you. The way he behaves says a lot about who he is... a liar. He probably did and will do the same with you, if you give him a second chance. There is better out there!

    • I should've seen this because I actually ended up messaging her but she just blocked me

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    • PS: why do you think that girl blocked me? I am just trying to help. Unless my ex is the one who snooped at her phone.

    • another thing that really insulted me though was the fact that he thinks I am bitter because I couldn't have him! like really? ughhh i swear he's definitely is narcissist.

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