Losing a guy you love, to another girl?

I met him through a common friend who really wanted me to start dating and seeing someone. its been ages (2 years) since my last relationship which had left me all depressed. Initially, i didnot want to date him at all and i made it clear to him. But as time passed, i saw him for what he really was.. he was the sweetest guy imaginable. he treated me really well.. he let me do all my things, he didnot stop me from doing anything.. let it be riding his bike, to wanting to jump into a tank even though i donot know how to swim! he cared for me and during all the fights we had, he always tried his best to convince me and the way he did, made me fall for him... he took care of my friends when they were drunk, he never bitched even once about them, even though they puked on him and did every shitty thing imaginable.. He was a gem of a person... suddenly one day, he stopped talking to me.. i texted him asking what the reason was, and all he said was that he was home and he was kinda busy..( we're medical students and we live in the college hostel ) 2 days after this incident, was my fashion event at his college. He didnot come for my event and I felt really bad, but i said nothing because he was already being distant. we partied till late at his college campus and it was one of the most memorable days ever.. the next day, my friend told me that he was dating another chick, a senior from our college.. i didnot know what to say. this chick that he's dating is a total bitch. and has been giving me all kinds of warnings to stay away from him even though i havnt even talked to him once after i got to know about his relationship.
yesterday was our common friend's birthday and we all had to meet. His girlfriend and her best friend come to me giving me plastic smiles and introduced me to the new couple, all the while giving me death stares that i should stay away from him.. He saw all of this and said nothing..
I am really hurt... its affecting me a lot and i dont know what to do...


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  • Well it's good to see you here again, I really missed you ^_^

    Anyways I won't beat around the bush, this ship has already been sailed.
    You can't force someone to love you back.
    Remember when I told you about moving on, I also stated that you should give chances to people although there are many possibilities for getting hurt but there are also many possibilities that you'll find your other half. That's how you'll build yourself.

    Life gives you opportunities, you won't get the same opportunity back again.
    It's on you how do you take advantage out of it.

    For this one, leave him be.
    It's not like you won't get a guy like him in the future, there's always someone better down the road, trust me (if you want proof - take this guy and compare him to your previous relationship).

    Anyways like the other user has mentioned, straight trees are always the ones which gets cut first.

    Solution - Learn from this experience.

    What you should learn? - Don't let your past sabotage your present and future relationships because you can't change your past but you can control the outcome of the present and the future.

    So, don't lose hope and your self confidence.
    There's nothing sexier than a self confident girl.
    Take care :)

    • Thankyou Devansh... This means a lot and i know and i understand every bit that you're saying, but sometimes, life gets too hard.. and there is nothing left that you can do.. sometimes the easiest and the most obvious ways are the ones that cause you to become more and more entangled in the webs of life.

    • “Harmony will prevail. After darkness, there will be light. The light cannot come without the darkness. Better days are bound to come.”

      Believe in that :)

  • I don't know if you remember me or not, but I still remember you as the girl who cheered me up when I was feeling so damn insecure about my looks, around a year ago. First, allow me to thank you for that once again.

    Coming to your question... were you both even officially in a relationship? Your question description says that you were initially hesitant, but there is no mention of the two of you actually getting into a relationship.

    So it could be that he tried his best to impress you, and when you didn't seem to reciprocate, he moved on and found someone else?

    Of course, if you two were actually in a relationship, then what he did was REALLY nasty. I know it's easier said than done, but you deserve better. Good people almost always end up getting hurt. I know this sounds cliche, but just keep your chin up and things are going to get better sooner than you imagine! :)

    • Hi.. ^_^ Thankyou soo much for that comment... appreciate it a lot.. and I am glad I could help you.. ^_^

    • You're most welcome! I always remember the people who made a difference to me, whoever they might be! :)

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