Boys, your thoughts on this: why is he being so distant?

This guy and I were friends about 5 months. After, he comes to my college (3 hrs away!) and tells me that he likes me a lot and has for a long time. I return the feelings. We date for about 1 month and it’s hard. This guy has a lot of problems going on in his life including drug addiction (hard drugs not pot), parents going through a divorce, mother loosing job and problems with his brother. We go on 3 dates and everything is going great. For a week he ignored my calls and then told me after, that he had relapsed on some hard drugs. 2 weeks later, he breaks up with me and tells me that a lot is going on in his life and that there are many reasons for the breakup and drugs being the main one. He tells me that we shouldn’t continue to see each other any more. I suggest being friends and he hesitates and agrees (we were good friends before). It’s been 2 months sense the breakup. I feel like he is being very distant towards me. I ask him if he wants to chill and he gives me specific days he is free but then ignores the message when I try to confirm the days. He will text back if I text him or message him first. However, he never tries and talks to me…he talks to others and meet’s up with others…nor does he appear on msn anymore. what is going on here? Why is he being so distant (btw he’s friends with all his ex’s from before) does he wanna be friends or not?


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  • I don't understand why you even want to be friends with this guy! he has problems, he makes problems he is the definition of a problem, and imagine he has the nerve to be distant?Somehow as women we seem to gravitate towards guys with problems hoping with our love they will be different, we can help them. I did that once it never works, the forces of nature are working in your favor, you will only inherit problems you don't need, you will be frustrated everyday. He needs a psychaitrist, a boot camp and prayers RUN LIKE THE WIND!


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