Why is she trying to get a reaction from me?

First of all we broke up in 8 months ago. NC started 6 months ago after she got a new boyfriend. From then to this time she keeps posting that she's better without me, he's better than me and so on. One post that appeared in my newsfeed really made me curious why she keeps doing that. That post was directly pointing me and it quotes " Keep watching my posts, I'm happy without u and still pretty. #still better than u ". Why in the world she would post that if she's in a relationship and we didn't spoke in months. by the way she greeted me hbd last month and i responded straight to the subject with " Thanks ". Why do you guys think about her posting that and why? PS: I've made all the post-breakup mistakes for one month. We were togheter for 2.5 years.
Thanks @Suhmer for the answer. Should i greet her HBD next month or should i let her move on and not contact her


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  • Classic manipulative behavior. Sounds like she isn't completely over you and instead of properly dealing with the break up she's trying to cope by putting you down and constantly stating how much better she/her new boyfriend is than you. The best way to shut her down is just... be nice. If you can't do that be civil. Comment on one of those posts now and then saying you're glad she's doing well and that she's successfully moved on. It'll call her out on her BS and she'll realize she isn't getting to you. If/when you get a new girlfriend see how she reacts.


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  • She clearly still feels for you, and or the relationship you two had togther. She is behaving like a child probably because she can't really understand or make sense of her emotions and the fact that she still feels like she wants you to notice her.
    I would say, be nonchalant about her bahaviour, as difficult for you as that may be, it's what you need to do. That will either enrage her, eliciting more obnoxious behaviour, or make her see that you have moved on (you weren't quite clear on whether you wanted to get back with her).
    But really, I don't feel sorry for you, I feel sorry for her new boyfriend, because she is clearly thinking about you a lot and not as much about him... DO NOT PLAY ON THAT! Because she will get what she wants, and you will be in a bad place as a result.
    If things end with her boyfriend, and she sees the light, and you guys decide to hit it off again (make sure she has broken off from the other guy... doubly sure!), then you need to both sit down, in neutral ground (not in a respective apartment, cause that may lead to just having sex right off the bat), and speak openly and completely honestly about what went wrong in the first place, her bahaviour, and what broke you both up. Leave blame at the door cause it doesn't bloody help; just focus on talking things through, and being mature and honest about the past and why it led to your breakup. Don't let her talk about her side of things only either, make sure that you BOTH lay everything on the table.
    Good luck, I hope i've helped.

    • I don't want to get back together with her. I was just curious why she wants a reaction from me. Thanks for the answer.

    • No problem, good luck to you.

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  • Haha it's REALLY obvious to me. She's still hurting over you. There's only one reason someone would feel the need to flaunt what they now have in someone's face, because they're still emotionally invested in you and somehow they think it will make them feel better. She still loves you and is trying to get over it, or more is trying to show YOU how "over" it she (apparently) is, but to me this screams she really isn't and is trying to prove to herself that she is

    • @asker wish her happy birthday, shows that you're casual about it and aren't affected like she wants you to be :) and let her photos go over your head, she's just trying to get a reaction out of you and make you jealous so she can feel better, it's sad really

  • Let her move on.


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