Do I have a chance of getting my ex back?

My ex continues to say that will not get back together. Yesterday a lot of things my ex says but does the opposite my ex actually called wanting to hang out in efforts of trying to rekindle it started out rocky but turned out great. I found out the exact reason why we broke up. We told each other how we felt and where things went wrong. We also had a better understanding as well. We hung all day yesterday and enjoyed each other. But my ex is tired of the lets downs and feels like a fool and hurt

The feelings are still there its obivous, I was even brought around new family members. I believe the issue can be fixed I believe there was misunderstanding and lack of communication. My ex agrees but just tired. I think I am going to try try and win my ex back even though my ex says that its over. Plenty of signs says I have a chance

Ex intiated and said I love you
Ex still calls/text
Ex wanted to hang out
Ex expresses feelings
Ex even talk about future stuff with me

There was no cheating involved or other people. Lack of communication and procrastination but mainly not communicating which caused lack of trust
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  • Before you ask if you have a chance you need to take an honest look at your prospects and his. That will tell you a lot about the underlying dynamics of the situation, which also affect the question of if you're getting back together will be a shprt term or long term change.

    Outside of that, i think you have a good chance.


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