Guys, HELP!!! Can you define this for me or at least give me a reasoning behind it, I'm so confused?

Me and my ex boyfriend hang out sometimes. We act all lovy dovy towards each other such as kissing, cuddling, hugging, holding hands, sleepovers while holding hands. If he makes food he'll usually offers it to me and/or feeds it to me. It feels just as if we are still dating when we're together.
Last time I saw him I thought it got a little better because he was holding me/cuddling me close to him like with he's head propped up on mine. He told me all about his gaget he bought and showed me how it works and told me how much of a discount he got on it. He was telling me all about his new work friends and events aside from telling me about his work and asking me about mine. He was telling me how he was planning to get things to decorate his couch.

However, when I text him sometimes he answers me and sometimes he doesn't. I understand he always been bad at texting/calling so I usually do it first.
However, he is starting to tell me he was going to text me until I got to him first.

So what's going on here because I am so confused? ?
Help please!!!


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  • It sounds like you guys are kinda back together again. Just not official.

    I understand your frustrations tho. I will text people first ALL the time. But when I don't send a text I never hear from these people who are my so-called friends. But I understand that this is a different kind of relationship.

    I do know that some people will read a text and say "I will get to that in a second." and then forget to do it cause they were so focused on what they were doing. I have done it because I was on GaG and didn't reply to texts till 15 minutes later when the alert went off again for the same message. if not for that I would have kept on GaGing.

    Has he EVER been quick on the texts/calls back to you?

    • We'll when he's not busy he'll be quick like last time I talked to him it was within 10 minutes

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    • I can't give you an honest answer to your question now.

      Since you say it's weeks apart since you talk it's a little iffy on what is going on now.

      Can you message me so I can figure more of this out with you?

    • I Messaged you

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  • Well, I think the signs are very good, and you both are happy to be with each other. I don't think there is anything for you to be concerned. Maybe he just forgets to text you and when you do he remembers that was about to do it.

    • It happens more than once.

      So Would You SaY We're IN The Dating Stage OR WHAT?

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    • What?

    • What? Huh

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