How to get over your ex? and how long it takes?

he cut me off after a break up. it was a bit messy cuz he was like saying we can be friends and next time he was saying no we can't. and he said he was starting to feel annoyed and weeks after I texted him to check up on him and he blocked me.


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  • sorry for what happened
    When some people leave from your life It doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough; it just means someone else failed to notice that you'er special and their chapter is over in your life. I understand it's hurt, but let that pain move you forward and God guide your way. and that’s a good thing because we often won’t move unless circumstances force us to. give yourself space and time to realize that's everything in life is temporary.

    Good luck =)


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  • The 3 serious ones

    1 - took about 6 months
    2- 3 1/2 years I was in denial of still liking him for the first 2
    3- I don't know wtf I was I'm sure I was just a hole for his D, but it took about 3 weeks but It was a horrible break down mentally for me then I realized I need to Get tough cause I chose to delude myself that was my fault

    So I guess it very how much you cared about em


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  • Depends on depth of feelings and each person is different. Stop all forms of communication and you'll heal faster

    • but when i'm out with other guys and the date went bad, i'm missing him.

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    • You're only prolonging your pain and it will achieve nothing

    • i thought he was genuinely interested in me, cuz he didn't had sex, well only once and well he was a tourist, they are only after sex.

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