Broke up with my boyfriend due to his dependency issues but?

So, we'd been dating for about 8 months but we've been friends for about 5 years. I didn't realize how deep his dependency issues ran until we started dating, though I noticed them when we were still friends. I broke up with him because I felt like he couldn't actually love me, at least not the kind of love I want, because he's so dependent on having a partner. It seemed like it didn't matter who he was with as long as it was someone, so I broke up with him. He admitted to having this issue and he said that maybe we could work it out and get back together once he dealt with them and I lied to him and said that wouldn't be a possibility because it seemed like if he thought that it was a possibility - it wouldn't help him get through his issues if he knew I was waiting around on the other side. He now basically thinks I'm fake and didn't care for him throughout the entirety of the relationship and I just feel guilty. I half feel like it's a good thing because it might ultimately help him in the long run but I just feel bad that he thinks I was fake with him... I don't know if I should tell him the truth or if what I did was right. I'm just confused. At this point I feel like I should just leave it alone and if we ever run into each other in the future, or if our paths cross again, then I can maybe tell him but I don't know. Any thoughts on this?


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  • Leave him in the past


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