Guys, if you broke up with your girlfriend how long did it take you to rethink the relationship and get back together with her?

My boyfriend broke up with me without wanting to talk things over. We never argued during the relationship and when conflict came up he just shut me out and ended the relationship. Wasn't willing to work on the relationship at all. I know he cares about me because he recently introduced me to his parents without me asking. He seemed confused and very sad when we broke up. Now he seems angry whenever guys come up to talk to me so he responds by making a big spectacle of himself to show he's happy without me. Anyway, he was the first one to start saying hi to me and we've slowly but surely started greeting each other. It's been 3 weeks since our break up. I'm working on improving myself and getting over him, but I do care about him and miss him. I just am curious about the time frame.


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  • I never wanted any of them back


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