I am really getting annoyed. Should I write this to her?

It really hurts my feelings that you don't even tell me what's going on with anything. Part of the bail conditions is that I have a right to know what happens to my money if the person is bailed out is doing the right thing.
I put a lot of time in thinking about this before doing this for you. Everyone in the world told me not to do it.
I understand that Lloyd is in your custody now and that is understandable since he actually has a place for you to stay at. It also confuses me that I am able to get $200 back for you following through on your conditions when he told me that he bailed you out of jail two months ago.
That doesn't make sense if that is the case because if you got bailed out of jail from someone else then I wouldn't be able to get money.
Also you told me a year ago that he had a record so it wasn't possible for him to do that. So he either isn't telling the truth or your probation officer did something against the law. Either way, I feel like you don't really respect me and that is one thing that I was afraid of if I did any of this.
I also feared that I was going to go to jail for her actions


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  • no, no, no. write her this...

    Waited on you for so long
    Too many days since January
    I’m still sitting here alone
    We shoulda did this already
    said I gotta email today
    kinda thought that you, forgot about me
    but I wanna hit you back too say
    just like you, I get lonely

    I could really get to know you
    take my time and show you
    don’t tell anybody what we do
    when I get lonely

    Take Me,
    to another place where I’ll be
    face to face, just you and me
    with no rules, just like you
    I get lonely too ooh ooh
    hoo ooh hoh, hoo ooh hoh
    just like you
    I get lonely too ooh ooh
    hoo ooh hoh
    just like you
    I get lonely

    • I give you this for creativity

      and I am really getting tired of people telling me to move on. Having a friend become a drug addict is like a death of a loved one. People need to realize that it isn't healthy to just sweep it under the rug.

      Thanks for your sincerity!

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  • Unless you have a child with her you should write it off as a lesson learned and move on.

    • a lesson learned of someone that I have known for three years?

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