Why can't I just let him go?

So I met this guy around a year ago, and we stopped talking for about two months after I told him I liked him and all this stuff happened. But once he found out I was with someone, he texted me. Now every since I got that text, me and him talk and hang out sometimes. I told him again how I felt about him, and again he ignored it. I tried & tried to get over him, but somehow I can't. Like now his best friend talks to me, and we hung out yesterday and we met up with that guy I can't get over, and his expression on his face looked like he was jealous, and he flirted with me and later that night he texted me. Which leaves me completely confused. Because I know he's not that interested in me, so Why can't I get over him?


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  • any guy, even guys that don't even like you will get jealous if they see you talking to another guy. its like insulting them in some way. I would just stop trying to get with this guy he seems like he gets jealous when your not giving him attention but when you do he doesn't want it. I would not giving any attention at all and see what happens. he might realize what's he's missing out on. oh and don't text him back

  • He's being an ass. He sees that all the attention you used to pay him is going to another guy. He doesn't care about you, just the attention another guy is getting from you.


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