Guys, is this a sign that my ex is not over me?

so we broke up 6months ago. I went to a club for our mutual friend's birthday party with my girlfriend (I'm bisexual). my ex boyfriend was there with a girl, like he met her in the club and was trying to pick her up. then my girlfriend told my ex that we're dating. he didn't believe it first, but after seeing me and my girlfriend flirting, he stopped chasing the girl he tried to pick up, kept staring at me, was always standing near me, made stupid jokes and strange behaviors to pay my attention. Also I heard that he was asking to my friend if we're really dating. it was obvious that he was irritated to my girlfriend. does it mean he still like me or just an ownership problem? Actually I still like him.


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  • Lol he is just shocked. It happens when you realize an ex is bi

    • he already knew that I am bi and had girlfriend before

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    • He was trying to win over
      But u never gave his icebreakers a chance

    • so it doesn't mean he still likes me right. just his ego. thanks so much for all of your comments.

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