Why is my boyfriend's ex posting huffy statuses?

They broke up and now he is with me. I think he was interested in me before they broke up (they didn't date for a long time and it wasn't very serious. Everyone knew it.)

however he did not ask me out or kiss me or pursue me until it was over with them.

Now is a month later she is posting all these quotes on her Facebook from dating pages about being used by men and walking away for having self respect and all these bitter angry things. What the hell? Is she trying to get him back? I de friended her last night.
We were never close friends. I met her at an event and became Facebook friends. We never hung out or spoke. We just met once at a social event. But I had mutual friends with her and him who knew their relationship was not serious.


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  • No she could probably give 2 shyt about him. she's posting about how she felt in the situation. everyone else knew it wasn't serious she may have been completely oblivious thinking everything was happy go lucky , to later find out by everyone that everyone but her knew it wasn't. This would leave feeling dumb n used. He may not have been the first guy to do that to her so it could just be her venting about her situations as a whole , he was just the last one so it would appear to outside people who just didn't ask her "who are you referring to when you say men?" That she would be implying and referencing it all to him when it could be every guy whose made her feel like she got played

  • firstly, why are you friends with her? If you are friends with her and were when you poached him then that's not a very nice thing to do and I hate to tell you this, but karma is a bitch.
    secondly, don;t think you know everything that went on between them or how serious it actually was, odds are he told you what you wanted to hear.
    I imagine this girl is hurt, she may have really fallen for him and then she's had her heart shattered by a so called friend (going off you being friends on social media). He probably told you it was nothing so you didn't feel guilty. I think maybe you feel a little guilty (as you should!) and that you know you played a part in her misery.
    I am sorry I cannot say anything nicer than this but here is some advice; Please do not look badly at this girl but see the truth in why she is acting this way. I feel bad for her, you have everything she wanted. Put yourself in her shoes for a moment.

    • We met once. We're only Facebook friends not real life friends.

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    • yup... just saying he wanted you because you didn't splash your sexuality all over the worlds face.

    • Maybe and I think he also likes my personality more. We have a lot in common.

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