How to get back ex boyfriend?

He broke up with me , like almost one month. And I did the stupid thing.. like beg him, tell him that I really need him. Which that is just pushed him away. He is scare to talk to me. And now he has crush on another girl. But that girl doesn't love him at all... well.. What should I do to get him back? He broke with me cuz he said, I'm not there when he needs me. And that girl makes him feel happy.


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  • You are 17, tomorrow... literally tomorrow... you will wake up and be in your 50's (like me) and look back and say... "I was so stupid to fall for that guy like that."

    The time will fly that fast. Don't waste any of it on a guy who says he doesn't want you.

    You will have MANY boyfriends - forget him. You're only inflating his ego with the attention and he probably loves the drama. The fact that he tells you right to your face that the other girl makes him happy should tell you all you need to know about how he feels about you.

    Breaking up is hard... every single time. But it always gets better.

    But don't feel foolish... lord I did something almost similar with one girl who broke up with me.

    By the way... that girl now weighs about 300 pounds and looks like an old lady. She did not age well. The woman I married and I've been with for 30 years is still WAY hot.

    So thank god for unanswered prayers.

    • I just can't get over it. Cuz suddenly he is acting cold to me.. then wants to break up with me. Well it's hard to move on cuz I really love him. We are serious. I think he doesn't feel safe cuz there are many guys who likes me.. and I told him that I only love him and want him.. He told me to be with another guy.. who is better than him.. anyway, thanks for ur advice, ur story is kinda funny. Lol.. I hope I can have the strength to move on ASAP.

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  • The ball is in his court and you will just have to wait, a lot of people break up in hopes of getting together, but it has to be mutual, if he doesn't feel this way then you can't force him. If that girl makes him happy you have to think about what he wants not just what you want, if he's meant to be with you he will come back, but don't wait around.


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  • stay without contacting him, don't beg for the relationship, while your in the single life, improve your self, make your self attractive, and then you try to meet him up, next time when your meeting him it would be improved you

  • Trust me though I am stranger.
    Let it go.
    finally a day will come were he will be intrusted in you again.

  • They key will be communication. Meet somewhere you used to go. Confront the problem between you two and see if you can fix it

    • Im trying to fix as I know the problem. But he seems doesn't want to give me a chance. And he is now crush on someone else. I don't know whether it's rebound or what...

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    • alrite~thanks~

    • Yw I hope all goes well😀

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