Text back? when?

me and my ex split...got a text from them the other day...not really sure if they want to try the whole friends thing or not or if there trying to get back together...( I am okay with being friends but nothing else, they are the one that broke up with me and said about being friends)...but now that they text me once...should i be text them in a few days or wait for them to text me again?...i also don't want it to look like I want them back..but do want to be friends


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  • I would text her back but be honest in your text. If you have no interest in in pursuing a relationship you should make that clear. If you don't respond I think that is rude and a sign of immaturity.

    • When they text me I did text back....it was just small talk for the both of us,,,i ment should I text back in a few days again...just to kinda show that I am wanting to still be in contact and wanna be friends....

    • Oh, in that case, if you only want to be friends I wouldn't text again too soon. If you do, it could give the wrong impression. I would give it a few weeks or so.

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