How to deal with this break up?

My boyfriend and I broke up today. We weren't together long (2 months) and I wasn't in love with him or anything like that but I still feel upset about the whole thing.

Looking back on it now, our relationship probably shouldn't have even started in the first place (he was my ex boyfriend's best friend) and his refusal to tell his best friend about was a major factor in the break up.

Can anyone suggest ways I can deal with this sadness? I feel really sad on the inside and I just don't really know what to do about it lol.


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  • don't upset because It’s never too late to live a day that makes you proud. what a happened is that you've earned a second chance. I understand that your relationship didn't work, so you need to take a time and space to discover yourself more and more.


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  • It's normal to feel this way :/

    If you think this break up was necessary, that thought can comfort you. It's ok to be sad, because you were fond of that person. But you'll be fine when time passes by.


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  • Send PM. I think I can do something for you my dear.


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