Why did my boyfriend cheat?

I'm not ugly... and neither was the girl he cheated on me with. We were both pretty. So I started feeling like maybe he just thought she was prettier or better than me. Or maybe cause she was more petite than me and had bigger boobs. I didn't think our sex was old or anything... he seemed 2 enjoy it a lot and we always had fun. Did I get old 2 him after the years and I just didn't notice? The girl he cheated on me with was my best friend so I really want 2 know why he did this. He wanted 2 marry me. After he did this (I didn't know at the time), he started being really nice 2 me wanting 2 take me on all these dates... I think cause he felt bad and regretted and knew he made a mistake. Anyway, if he knew that it was going 2 ruin everything why did he still go through with it? He was drunk at the time, so was she... but still... why did he do it? I didn't know he even looked at her as a piece of ass like that, and if he had me why would he want someone else? Why wasn't I enough?

The only thing that makes sense 2 me in my head is that he thought my best friend was hotter and better than me. He just desired 2 be with her more than stay with me. That's the only thing that makes sense as 2 y someone would cheat when things are good.


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  • So he was drunk and f***ed your best friend? That's low but the tension was probably high and he wanted that tap her ass I hope you find someone who is better worth your time

  • you're hot.

    i don't think this has anything to do with looks.

    if some cheats it's probably because

    a) he is p*ssed at you and this is his way of getting back

    b) he was bored with you and wanted to F another girl

    c) he thought he could F another girl and get away with it

    i'm sorry this happened to you.

    guy is a loser and you can do better.

    move on.


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