Ex Boyfriend wants to stay friends?

We broke up 6 months ago. He said he too busy with school and he just started working in the ER and said he didn't have time to be a proper realtionship. We were together in a casual weird relationship for over a year and half. He wanted to stay friends and when we run into each other we always talk a lot more open than we were a couple. I know he still care about me and I do to. We still hook up everyonce in awhile (probably not smart) but also just hang too like friends. I even talk to other guys and fooled around another guys aswell. I'm vey good at being alone; so i don't expect to date another guy seriously for awhile. I know it would hurt if he met someone new but I would be happy just because he was happy. I love him and I want him to be happy even if its not me. So far us being friends has worked out pretty good, except for a few ups and downs. In the end I worry about hurting him and losing the friendship all together.

Is it possible to stay friends with an Ex?

Has anyone found it worth all the trouble?


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  • ex can't be next


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