Lol how bad would it be if I called my ex drink?

i knwo ill regret it tomorrow but im feeling brave right now and I've wanted to asj if she ever loved me since Friday when we broke upo,
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  • dNOOoooo don't call
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  • Just keep dirnking until you pass our
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I'll wait for hr to call me. I fucked up but she did too and i always do seutuff to make things better. She hasn't called all weekend but my friend said she's sad.
I just want to love someone right now and i dont udnerstand why i can't be happy with her. All i want is to be togerhter but i can't if she's never there for me and i dont know if she loves me


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  • Don't call. You can't even ask a coherent question. Wait until you can communicate properly.

    • I think i can talk well. I sent an audio to a friend

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    • Maybe try again now that you are sober. Or wait a few days. Maybe apologize and explain that you were drunk. Good luck.

    • Thanks :)

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  • Please stop deliberately misspelling words to make it appear is if you're drunk. It's embarrassing.

    • I didnt' deliberately misspell anything lol I type fast, without caring when I'm on my phone. I've done it in past comments and questions. It's not even because of the alcohol

  • yeah... drunk calls to an Ex are never a good idea.

  • Maybe you should try dating guys instead like your supposed to

    • lmao fuck off

    • why? you don't like lesbian, also I don't like homos or bis. still I'd date on lesbian for me threesome.

    • @YBarros you're fucking disgusting and stupid enough to think a lesbian would want a threesome with you lmao

  • Drunk on a monday? Lol never drink and text

  • Don't be that kind of drunk...


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