Ex wrote me a long apology letter and thanked me for everything, and ended it by wishing me a good life?

What is the motivation behind these types of letters?


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  • 1. Probably holding out some hope of reconciliation.

    2. Wants to end on good terms and have you remember him fondly rather than negatively.

    3. Doesn't want to think of himself as a negative jerk who couldn't say thanks, I'm sorry, goodbye.

    • i agree with you. and I guess sometimes even when intending only closure, ad wishing someone a good life seems obvious closure, people should state that expressly 'this is for closure' just to avoid confusion. bc it can be confusing if the other person is hoping -or worrying- it means more. especially bc many people do these things as a means of establishing contact or remembering themselves to the other. or to guide their chances. if people were honest more often than not im sure closer would be more obvious--even when obvious:)

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  • Most likely closure. If he wronged you then maybe guilt and compassion. Sometimes, to get attention to get back together. But a lot of people are open when that's the case.


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  • I wrote big big latter to my ex after broke up about there happy life she but she didn't give any reply to me? that fine she want to live her life peace full as I saw her on dating site (WTF) and her birthday is come on December which i am nt going to wish her. that shows me that I don't care about her yeah I don't not now its been 3 month that she broke up with me now all is ended. Fuck of her life i can only say that.

  • Usually when guys go through break ups, they're filled with grief/sadness. It sometimes helps to express your feelings, which manifest into a soppy letter about you. I did the exact same thing when I broke up with my ex.


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